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This town is obsessed with the number 11

The town of Solothurn, located in North West Switzerland has a long history of being obsessed with the number 11 and that trend is still going on strong. It looks like the town was made with the number 11 in mind. There are 11 chapels and churches, there are 11 historical fountains, there are 11 museums even though the museum of computer and consumer electronics is relatively new, there are 11 towers, there is even an 11 hour clock – a clock which has a dial with numbers till 11. Some say that this obsession with 11 was inspired by folk legends and myths, the residents of the town at the time started incorporating the number 11 as a tribute to the mystical beings. There are also theories that the number 11 was started being used widely here for its biblical connections, deeming it holy and prophetic.


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