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Woman declared dead by government hospital found alive

A woman declared dead by the government hospital staff were found to be alive at her home. The bizarre incident took place in Tamil Nadu on Friday.

Aritha Begum, a resident of Pollachi was stabbed by her son-in-law Mohammed Yusuf on Friday. yusuf, an alcohol addict attacked his wife Saira Banu on Thursday night. Aritha Begum intervened and tried to calm her son-in-law but he stabbed her in the stomach. She got minor injuries in her hand. Both of them were rushed to hospital in Pollachi and later they referred her to Coimbatore Medical College hospital (CMCH).

Aritha who was admitted in CMCH on Friday morning was found no serious problems. She returned home without informing anyone in the hospital. And in the evening the police got a call that she has died. After getting the news the police called Aritha’s home and she picked the phone and informed what happened.

And later the CMCH authorities admitted that it was mistake. The nurse who, was in-charge of patient records saw the bed empty and she mistook it for another patient who had died a few hours earlier. And she recorded it as death, informed the CMCH authorities.


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