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Does Rohit Sharma really hate Kohili’s bae Anushka Sharma ?

All it happened when Rohith Sharama unfollowed Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohili on Instagram and titter a few weeks ago.
And, then the media seems to have made it into a big deal – there are at least a few dozen different articles reporting that all is not well between the Kohlis and the Sharmas.

There were many rumors tthat , there is a stark competition between Virat Kohili and Rohith Sharma or the post of Indian Cricket Captian Apparently, Anushka and Ritika (Rohit’s wife) ignored each other recently during the team’s tour.

Virat even posted a picture of his squad, which did not include Rohit, but included a bunch of others. Rohit Sharma too did something similar, by not posting any pics of him with Virat. Such lovely adolescent passive-aggressive behavior being displayed here by both these guys.

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