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DYFI to Rescue Amazon! This Hilarious Photoshop is Going Viral on Internet. Check this Out

International leaders at the G7 summit had agreed to provide logistical and financial support to help the huge fire which has already devoured a good share of the Amazon rainforest. The whole world is alarmed about the issue and DYFI, Left’s youth organization had staged a protest in front of the Brazilian Embassy at New Delhi on this issue.

The move was trolled on social media since DYFI was noted by its absence in the protest against a number of environmental issues in Kerala, ruled by the Left. Trolls have been coming in about the double stand of DYFI, too keen on international issues but turning a blind eye to local issues. One such troll has gone viral on the internet.

This, a photoshopped image shows a conversation between e-commerce giant Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and an imaginary Left Supporter Padavalam Kuttanpillai. Bezos begs DYFI leader Muhammad Riyas not to trouble his business while Kuttan Pillai proudly shares the picture of DYFI protest. The banner(photoshopped) held by the DYFI leaders has an exhortation to save Amazon, the e-commerce company. The photoshop is replete with such nuances and sarcasm and is taking a dig at DYFI’s affinity for international issues while ignoring the issues closer to them.



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