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Man marries both the girlfriends at the sametime for this reason: Video

A man has married his two girlfriends at the same time. He did this as he did not want to hurt both his girlfriends. The bizarre incident took place in indonesia.

Polygamy is legal in Indonesia. As per the custom of the society a man can keep four wives as long as he is able to support them.

The wedding took place in West Kalimantan, a hamlet in the Airtarap village in Kendawangan district in Ketapang province.

Kisah nyata pernikahan 1 pria dgn 2 wanita,benar2 terjadi di dusun pangkalan padang rt 06/02 desa airtarap kec kendawangan kab ketapang ??

Ani Purwani ????? ?? ????? ???? ????????, ?? ?????, ????

The video of the marriage has been widely spread on social media. In the video, the man is sen sitting between two women during the wedding ceremony.

” my heart could not stand to see them hurt. So i decided to marry them both”, the man said to a local media.

The man has paid a handsome amount as dowry to the brides families. It is a custom in Indonesian society . The bridegroom has to pay dowry to brides family.


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