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PornStar Reveals How Much She Earns For a Few Hours Work and her Parent’s Attitude Towards her Job

People often wonder how pornstars land in their field. Not too many realize that a lot of them chose to do that profession out of their interest and not out of compulsion. Silvia Saige, popular pornstar is one person who had worked hard at school, went to university and had a top medicine job working in radiology. However, she wasn’t exactly happy about the job she did and she felt like she wanted a change.

Silvia, after trying to become a stand-up comedian, then made the decision to sign up for the porn industry. The 35-year-old Silvia is now one of the most admired porn stars, makes more than £1,000(more than 87000 Rs) for just a few hours work, but what upsets her most is the fact that the job she chooses upset her parents.

“The hardest part is knowing that my family is dealing with my career as much as I am. I want my parents to be just as proud of me as they were when I was working in medicine.

“I never wanted my parents to feel like failures. I have a college degree. had plenty of options but I chose sex. That bothered a lot of people including my family.

“I would love for my family to be proud of me and introduce me as their daughter who works in sex, rather than having to go to family reunions and pretend I’m someone else. I’m proud of what I do,” she said to Mirror.

Silvia said that her father is more understanding about the choices she made than her mother.

Silvia now hosts her own show and co-hosts a sex podcast. “I made it my mission to start talking about sex. We put so much shame around it. So I’ve just been talking sex with everybody,” she added.


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