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‘We respect the Indian position’, Says Australian High Commissioner

Australia has made it clear that the Jammu and Kashmir is an internal issue of India. And the Kashmir issue must solved bilaterally by New Delhi and Islamabad. The Australian High Commissioner to India Harinder Sidhu has informed this.

” The Indian government said tis is its internal matter. We respect the Indian position on that. Australia’s long-held view on Kashmir has been that it should be resolved bilaterally by India and pakistan”, said Sidhu.

” We do hope as situation proceeds in Kashmir that it will be stable, peaceful and in fact, the economic development eventuate. We do hope that both countries act in restraint and consider the safety and security of the people in the process” Sidhu added.

The union government’s decision to abrogate the special status given to jammu and Kashmir and to divide the state into two union territories has been accepted and supported by many countries. And Pakistan’s all attempt to take the issue before the international community including UN has miserably failed.


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