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2 policemen injured in attack targeting minister

2 policemen wew got injured in an attack targeted at a minister. The incident took place in Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka. The policemen injured in bomb explosion near the minister’s car. The explosion was claimed by the ISIS.

The crude bomb was thrown from the footbridge at the Science Lab intersection on yesterday night. The crude bomb exploded near the car of the Local Government Minister of Bangladesh Tazul Islam.

Two policemen, including one escorting the minister, were injured in the incident. Minister was unharmed.

The senior police official told the media that it was an improvised explosive device (IED). The attack looked similar to two such incidents earlier in May this year targeting policemen in the Gulistan and Malibagh areas of Dhaka.

Hours after the explosion, an US company, SITE Intelligence Group that racks online activities of jihadist and white supremacists said that the Islamic State claimed the responsibility of the attack.


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