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400 people injured during traditional ‘stone-pelting’ festival

At least 400 people were injured during a festival celebration in Madhya Pradesh. The situation of 12 of them is serious. The people were injured during celebrating an annual ‘Gotmar Mela( Stone-pelting) festival’ on Saturday. The incident occur in Chhindwara district. mAny people had died during this festival in earlier years.

During the festival, the people of tow villages Sawargaon and Pandhurna divided by Jaam river, gather on opposite banks and race to snatch a flag hoisted on a dead tree in the middle of river while throwing stones at the other side.

This time Pandhurna villagres grabbed the flag and declared winners. The traditional festival is said to have started around 300 years ago.

As per the myth, a boy form the Pandhurna village eloped with a girl from Sawargaon, they face a volley of stones, when they were crossing the river. Villagers from Pandhurna came to their help and the couple crossed safely.

The district administration has deployed around 800 police officers and a team of doctors at the spot.


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