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Pak Minister Finally Admits a Truth that Pakistan has been Denying For too Long

The whole world has been talking about it except Pakistan- that the Pakistan government is nothing but a puppet of its army and that the force interferes even in the day to day affairs of the government. Pak leaders have been in denial mode but here is finally an admission from a minister.

Imran Khan’s minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has admitted that he was appointed by the Pakistan Army for speaking on “war” with India.

“I speak about war because the agenda of [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi is to destroy Pakistan. The army has kept me here to speak on the preparations for war. I am saying it with utmost responsibility that Pakistan has smart bombs,” he said while speaking at Nankana Sahib.(as reported by a national media)

Pak ministers statement in Malayalam

Rashid said that his nation is in possession of smart bombs that weigh only 125-250 grams and that it is capable of targetting specific areas in India.

“Dialogue is possible if India takes a step towards resolving the Kashmir issue as per the United Nations resolutions. IKf a war was imposed on Pakistan, India would be divided into 22 parts,” said the pak minister.


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