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“Because of BJP’s Reforms, Kashmir Nation is No More a Part of Kerala” This Man Makes Bizarre Mistakes During a Speech. Watch Video

A section of people has been protesting vehemently against the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir ever since BJP led government had made that call. Protests have occurred in many parts of Kerala, resolutions have been passed and many talks are happening on the issue. The video of one such talk is going viral on the internet where a man, who looks like a politician, is making some bizarre and funny mistakes in his speech.

“…Congress is demanding it… You know the administrative reforms of BJP. Kashmir, the nation is no more a part of Kerala. More than half has gone to Pakistan,” says the man. (video below)

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We are not sure about where the incident occurred or who exactly is the leader. Many people claim that he is a congress leader while a few others say that he belongs to CPI(M). We couldn’t find the entire footage of the speech to determine if he had corrected his mistake.


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