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19-year-old tribal girl thrashed, paraded by family for eloping

In a shocking incident, a 19-year-old tribal woman was thrashed with sticks and paraded by her family for allegedly eloping with a man from a different tribe. The inhumane incident took place in Madhya Pradesh Alirajpur district on Sunday.

A video of the incident has widely spread on WhatsApp on Wednesday showing male members of the woman’s family punishing her.

The 1 minute 42 seconds long video, shot on a mobile phone shows the woman being made to walk down a village road and beaten with sticks while she screams and begs for mercy. Passers-by can be seen ignoring her ordeal and moving on.

The girl is flogging with sticks endlessly as she keeps on walking fast on the road in a bid to save herself from the men beating her.

Police has informed that investigations are underway even though no official complaint has been received.



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