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‘No dignity in death’: Denied access to crematorium, Dalits forced to wait with corpse in the rain; Video

Caste discrimination again reported in Tamil Nadu. And this time to a dead body of a Dalit man. In a inhuman and shocking incident, the caste hindus denied the access to crematorium and Dalits has forced to wait with the corpse in rain and atlast has to burn the body using petrol.

The inhuman incident occurred in the Peraiyur village in Madurai district. Members of the Adi Dravida community a Dalit Community were carrying the dead body of the Shanmugavel to their traditional burial ground. But as the heavy rainfall has obstructed the cremation ceremony. They cannot light the body due to the incessant rain.

They has sought permission from the Caste Hindus if they could use their grounds to burn the body but they refused to let them in.

The caste Hindu community Reddiyar have a protected ground with sheds to burn bodies in and Dalits have a bare patch of land as cremation ground. While the two grounds are attached, a tall compound wall surrounds the property of the caste Hindus.

The Dalits with no other option in hand, then stood by the corpse covering it with a straw mat to keep the fire burning. “The fire was put off by the rain when the body was only half burnt and they had to pour petrol on it and burn it again.

The police has not taken case although the Dalit community lodged complaint. Earlier in August 17 in Vellore District a Dalit man’s dead body being lowered from a bridge. The video of this created massive debate on caste discrimination in Tamil Nadu and exposed how the discrimination extended even to the dead.


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