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Amit Shah’s Appeal to Unite India With Hindi: Here is How Sandeepananda Giri Responded

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had made an appeal to unify India with the country’s most widely-spoken language, Hindi. His suggestion though was met with criticism from the southern states on Saturday. It was on the occasion of Hindi divas that the home minister pitched “one nation, one language” idea. Hindu preacher Sandeepananda Giri, known for his pro-Left stance, in a Facebook post, said that Malayali’s are good at handling any language, but if someone tries to force something on them, it won’t happen.

“Taxi drivers in Malappuram and Kozhikode can speak Hindi better than the Gujaratis. The boy who sells groundnut in Kovalam can speak to the American president in an American accent. But if something is attempted to be forced upon them(Malayalis), then it cannot work” he wrote on Facebook(Original post below)


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