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Police re-arrest man for stealing goat after 41 years

In a bizarre incident took place in Tripura, the police has re-arrested a man for stealing a goat after 41 years. Bachu Kaul aged 58 was arrested 41 years after he stole a goat. He was arrested before for this crime.

Bachu Kaul who works as a tea garden worker was arrested on Friday from Meghlipara Tea Estate, 12 kilometre from Agartala.

As per the police Bachu, along with his father Mohan Kaul, had stolen the goat in 1978 from Kumud Ranjan Bhowmik’s house, where he used to work. They were caught while they were trying to sell the goat in the market. Both of them were released on bail by the court and since then they were absconding.

The verdict of the case is still pending. As the district court served warrant regarding this case to a police station on August 14, the police started investigation.

The police got to know this from Kumud Ranjan who is now 83. During investigation, the police has found out that Mohan Kaul died at Adarani Tea Estate almost 20 years back and some of his close relative works in Meghlipara Tea Estate. Police reached there and found Bachu and arrested him finally.

Court has send the accused, to judicial custody till October 3.



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