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“Director wanted to rehearse kissing scene”, actress Zareen Khan reveals her casting couch experience

In the last few years, there have been many shocking revelations related to the #MeToo campaign and Casting Couch by many Bollywood actresses. At the same time, Zareen Khan has put her point on this. Recently, an interview has been given by Zareen Khan, in which she has been victimized not once, but twice, in the Bollywood industry by an incident like casting couch.

Zareen has told about the terrible experience related to the casting couch that the director of a film wanted to rehearse the kissing scene with her. She further says about this, “that the person was saying that you have to overcome your hesitation, you have to remove the obstacles in your career. At that time I was new in the industry and then the director talked with me about the rehearsal of the kissing scene. What was my reaction to the director’s statement? I do not want to do any kissing scene as a rehearsal”.

Another story related to Casting Couch was shared by Zareen and it is reported that a person in the industry told her that if she is interested in moving on from friendship, he will help her in her upcoming projects. Let us tell you that not only Zareen but Vidya Balan also shared her experiences in the past.


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