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Caste Discrimination Against Dalit BJP M.P, Refused Entry into Village. Check this Out

In a shocking incident in Karnataka, BJP MP from Chitradurga, A Narayanaswamy was not allowed to enter a village in his own constituency for the reason that he hails from a different caste. It was during a visit to the place with a group of doctors and officials of a pharma company that A Narayanaswamy was denied entry.

It was members of the Golla community who denied permission for the M.P to enter Gollarahatti, a place where members of Golla community dominates. Narayanaswamy is a Dalit, the Gollas belong to the Other Backward Class (OBC).

As soon as Narayanaswamy tried to enter the village members of Golla community asked him to go back as lower caste members are not allowed to enter Gollarahatti.

It is reported that M.P has not filed a complaint, however, the district administration has initiated an investigation of its own.

“Action will be taken against those found guilty,” said senior police officer Vamsi Krishna(as quoted by a national media)

One of the villagers said that it is a tradition since their ancestors time that people of other castes should not be allowed to enter their village.

Mr. Narayanaswamy told reporters he did not want a fight in the village over him.


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