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Hong Kong rattled by violent street protests

An unwarranted street march turned out to be total chaos when protestors hurled petrol bombs at government buildings, blocked streets and disrupted civilian activities. The Hong Kong government reiterated their urge to stop violence and such protests would only harm the community.

Thousands of black-clad protesters accompanied with family disregarded a police ban and marched peacefully up to 2 KM from the Causeway Bay shopping district to the central business district, making continuous calls for democratic reforms. Later they hurled petrol bombs targeting government office buildings and vandalized the city. Some of the protestors burnt Chinese flags and raised anti-Chinese slogans.When confronted police retaliated by firing tear gas and used water cannons to disburse the mob.

The movement was started by an extradition bill many Hong Kong residents see as an example of the territory’s autonomy being eroded under Chinese rule. The main clause of the bill purported Hong Kong lawbreakers to be extradited under Chinese jurisdiction. The protests are ongoing even after the government withdrew the disputed bill last month. Protestors are claiming the withdrawal is a last-minute effort to curb the violence.

The Hong kong government said they are trying sincerely to solve the crisis.

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