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Brad Pitt asks ISS astronaut Nick: “Did you spot Indian moon lander”?

Hollywood veteran Brad Pitt talked to Nick Hague, the astronaut in International Space Station and the conversation went on as expected – it was light-hearted. The American astronaut Nick is living in ISS with fellow astronauts-two Americans, two Russians and one Italian.

During the fun-filled conversation, Nick disclosed that floating in space he had lost calluses on his feet which amused Brad Pitt. “That’s incredible to see,” said Pitt, who held the 20-minute video call via split-screen from NASA’s Washington headquarters. Pitt then went on to ask if the astronauts had been able to watch the failed landing of the Indian moon lander. Nick said he had not witnessed the landing.

The call, which was broadcast on NASA TV, was part of Pitt’s promotional tour for his upcoming film “Ad Astra”, in which he plays an astronaut sent on a dangerous mission at the edge of the solar system.


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