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This gulf country to appoint women drivers in school buses

In a revolutionary movement Saudi Arabia has decided to appoint women drivers in school buses. The Education Ministry has informed that will appoint women drivers in school buses under certain conditions.

The spokesperson of Education Ministry informed that the ministry will recruit women for the posts. The ministry has signed an agreement with Tatweer Company for providing transportation to students. In the agreement it is not emphasised that the buses must be driven by men. The Tatweer company informed that will give chance to women who are eligible.

The conditions for driving the school buses laid down the company and education ministry are the following:
The age of the women driver must between 30 to 60. She must possess a valid public driving licence.  Must possess proofs to certify that has no criminal background.  Also the women driver must pass medical test and also undergo special training to drive the school buses.

Earlier the Saudi government has removed the age old ban women to drive vehicles.


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