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Woman fined for insulting daughter’s mother-in-law on WhatsApp

The Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanour Court has ordered a woman to pay a fine of Dh10,000 for insulting her daughter’s mother-in-law and threatening her on WhatsApp.

The Public Prosecution charged the first defendant with insulting her daughter’s mother-in-law through “Whatsapp” and threatening her. The second defendant was also charged with insulting her son’s mother-in-law by telephone and making inappropriate statements against her. The first defendant and the second defendant denied the charges.

The defense of the first accused claimed that the insult was between the two defendants, and was not seen by a member of the family, and that the insult was a reaction by his client for the second defendant, and had no criminal intent to insult her.

The court cleared the latter – the second defendant – of using abusive language against the woman on the phone.The court turned down the allegations of the first suspect, found her guilty, and ordered her to pay Dh10,000 in fine.


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