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Bizzare! This Minister Blames P.M Modi For his Bags Being Stolen From Train!

It is not unusual for members of opposition parties to blame the ruling party and its leaders. It
doesn’t matter if the criticisms make any sense but nevertheless they are made. Chhatisgarh minister Premasai Singh Tekam made one such strange accusation as he blamed P.M Narendra Modi and his style of governance after the minister’s bag was stolen from the train.

He said Modi is behind the thefts.

Modi ji is behind the thefts in railways and he is also responsible for the thefts of bags belonging to ministers. This is his achievement in 100 days,”he said.

One cannot understand the logic behind his statement at all. Mr. Tikam was travelling from Raipur to Pendra road by Amarkantak Express and it is after reaching his destination he realised that his belongings were stolen.


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