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‘Don’t make mistakes of 1965, 1971’, Defence minister warns Pakistan

Union Defence minister Rajnath Singh has given a warning to Pakistan. Rajnath Singh warned Pakistan against “repeating mistakes of 1965 and 1971”. The union minister also asserted that the neighboring country ran the risk of getting “dismantled” on account of flagrant violation of human rights on its soil.

Rajnath Singh said this while addressing “Jan Jagran Sabha” (public awareness meet) organized by the BJP.

“Talks with Pakistan will henceforth resume only after it stops promoting terrorism. Pakistan must keep in mind that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and discussion can only take place about Pak-occupied Kashmir,”, Rajnath Singh said.

The union defense minister also said that the Article 370 was like a “cancer” which was bleeding the state.

“The BJP had never softened its stance on Article 370, irrespective of whether it was at the helm or not. Its abrogation has proved that the party is honest and credible,” Singh said.


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