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This yoga girl is the new internet sensation : See Pics

This yoga girl has become an Instagram sensation courtesy her bold pictures on the internet.Former model, who inspires many with her amazing yoga poses, prefers to remain anonymous. Her Instagram is flooded with some mind-blowing pictures of different yoga postures.

The 26-year-old yogi once said in an interview, “I started to practice yoga daily when I understood that yoga is more about the feeling inside and the connection between your body and mind.” She added, “Practicing yoga nude can give me a sense of freedom and an even stronger connection to my body. I can feel different sensations stronger, like the air on my skin, while moving from a pose to another.” Yoga girl further stated, “It was just a very ordinary Sunday when I tried to do these kinds of photos for the first time. I thought they were artistic and showed the human body in a not sexual way.” She aims to spread body positive message with her stunning pictures.

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