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Woman gets jail term for cutting off lover’s penis

A woman dubbed the ‘Argentinian Lorena Bobbitt’ for cutting off her lover’s penis with garden shears during bondage sex has been jailed for 13 years.

Accountant Brenda Barattini, 28, was found guilty of the attempted murder of musician Sergio Fernandez, 42, following a trial.

Around 90 per cent of his penis was sheared off along with a testicle and he spent eight days in a coma.

Mr Fernandez said his manhood is now “different” and he stills suffers panic attacks and insomnia as well as a constant feeling women want to kill him if he has sex.

Barattini confessed she had planned the November 2017 attack, which made headlines around the world, after he shared sex tapes and X-rated photos of her with friends, claiming he treated her like a “trophy”.

But she said she had not attempted to kill her victim.


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