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Need Not Say I Love You at Your Face, You Can Still Understand it If she Shows these 5 Signs

You could probably be a man close to a girl for long and waiting for her to tell that she loves you. Maybe you want to tell her but you are not sure how she will take it. Well worry not, here are five signs you can look for in a girl, which will tell you if she is love with you.

Introducing You to her Family

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Yes, this definitely means she is trying to get you approved in her personal space. It means she is thinking long term and is ready to go next level.

She Reveals her Fears With You

A girl wouldn’t open up her fears unless she is in love with you. Good memories she can share with anyone, but if it is something that makes her uncomfortable, she will look for the person whom she trusts and love.

Constructive Criticism

Well if your girlfriend is pointing out your mistakes, don’t get angry. She might just be trying to equip you a better person. You may not like it, but a person chose to point out your weakness only because she loves you.

Girl Puts your need ahead of hers

If the girl is making sacrifices, big or small, to accommodate your needs, well, consider it an expression of love.

Girl talking about a future

Well, that goes without saying. A girl talks about a future with you only because she wishes to be a part of that future. Do not let her go.


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