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“Do this Govt Dare to Send this Chief Secretary to Prison?” Check Out What Harish Vasudevan Said on Marad Flat Issue

Supreme Court had ordered the Kerala Government to pay an interim compensation of Rs 25 lakhs to each apartment owner. The amount will be recoverable from the builders who erected the illegal structures flouting the Coastal Zone Regulations, added the Court. Advocate Harish Vasudevan, much like many others was not impressed with the verdict of the Supreme Court, especially when there are allegations that the price shown in the documents are much lower than the actual price of the flat, to evade tax. In a Facebook post, Harish lashed out at the Supreme Court as well as Kerala Government for their approach on the issue.

“Just because the nation is supposed to obey the Supreme Court, the judge cannot do what they want. Without checking the price of the flat, without any criteria, on the basis of which law did they order Rs 25 lakhs to be paid as compensation?” he asked.

Harisha further asked when the government can give only Rs 4 lakhs to the flood-affected people how can S.C order a compensation of Rs 25 lakhs.

“If the Kerala government is not going to raise any opposition to the court, why pay such huge money to Harish Salve? After taking the burden of Rs 200 crores upon themselves, the chief secretary has uttered no word. Do this government dare to send him to jail,” he asked. Here is his Fb post.


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