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Heavy rain and thunderstorm warning issued in Kerala: Alert declared

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted heavy to extremely heavy rain in Kerala for the next days. The Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) has urged people to be cautious.

The IMD has issued a yellow alert in all districts in the state on Friday. The warning issued by the KSDMA asked the district control room officials to evaluate the situation of rain by taluk wise.[0]=68.ARCm0wxodu–1xNVMIW16kqQQhwzcgpUDGyHtsWaG0IYMJlXDfxJaMw5opt9tNyIEKyy_7vVSravW3Fr1yPPboeMeOWc7j-X3TeellL107EQV15zU-DLTDPu-_UOa1sb52Fgraljw2hLQgrczRD2YBrBIlFhb-wqOSUv6–QLC6yvfxzrm_TwpyM2yhwim4lV5MbaAKwwODfII3_l_LFrXQxrdyegKerzyRhTWjTHIjJKoJ62z2wNQ3Zb021uSbvq_l0h61UEZKuZj82wLe6zoHmoTk_WlRnKEWjvB9vgLg1rb_tuad6xXa_06fFpXR7IAvjWhtQbYcym7WoLMnjzyBtjw&__tn__=-R

The KSDMA also informed that heavy thunderstorms and lightening will accompany the rain . There is a chance for heavy thunderstorms and lightening from 2 pm to 10 pm. Earlier the IMD has announced that the northeast Monsoon has arrived in kerala.


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