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Hyderabad’s solution to plastic menace, ‘Eatable cup’

With the citizens growing awareness of the ill effects of plastic containers and disposables, opting for an effective alternative for plastic is a puzzle. Degradable disposables made with coconut and palm trees are widely used in Kerala. Hyderabad after lagging behind has now come up with a bright idea ‘eatable cups’ .

Eatable cups are made from natural grains and the product is completely edible and is capable of holding all kinds of beverages-hot or cold for up to 40 minutes without sogging. Suresh Raju the Exec. Director of the Hyderabad based private Ltd company, GenomeLabs which manufactures the ‘Eat cup’ said that it is aimed at reducing the usage of other disposable alternatives which either require cutting of trees or are harmful to the human body.

The company claims soups, desserts, Yogurts, tea, and coffee can be served on Eat cup but should be consumed within 40-45 minutes. The flavor remains unaffected as no artificial linings or harmful carcinogens like Styrene are not used.


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