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Big revelation by Haji Mehboob, “If apex court decides in favor of Muslim side Mosque will not be rebuilt”

Haji Mehbub , a partaker on the Muslim side for the controversial Ayodhya Ram Janm bhumi-Babri masjid land dispute revealed today to reporters that if the apex court decree is in favor of Muslim side mosque would not be rebuilt.

The decision is to uphold the national integrity and the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood prevalent in the country for centuries. If the disputed land of approximately 2.7 acres is won, it would be left after marking the boundaries and decision would be kept pending. Haji Mehbub also criticized some Muslim clerics who pressed for a firmer stance by the Muslim side. He rejected their claims stating them as opportunists and questioned where they were when such a long case was fought at the court.

He also added that the court’s decision would be taken for granted irrespective of the Hindu sides reaction to the ruling and the directives of the Muslim Personal Law board in Lucknow would be followed.


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