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Target set for Diwali alcohol sales in Tamil Nadu triggers controversy

Allegations of a set sales target for liquor during Diwali has created controversy in Tamil Nadu.Various measures for boosting sales in the festive season of Diwali are adopted widely by companies as India is getting gripped in an economic slowdown.

The Communist Party of India has criticized the move alleging the government is setting wrong priorities during festive season.“Rather than addressing the issue of massive job losses and ensuring that the essentials are available to the poor under the Public Distribution System, the government is setting wrong priorities like fixing liquor sales target,” CPI state secretary R Mutharasan said in a statement.

The controversy sparked as an official of Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation(Tasmac) aired that a target of 385 crore has been set for liquor sales this year. Tasmac MD Kirlosh Kumar had denied the allegation though saying,”“We ensure that our shops have sufficient stock, but we do not fix any targets. No one is forced to achieve any sales figures. It is not our policy to fix sales targets,”.

The government has a monopoly over the sale of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and runs 4,600 liquor shops across the state retail outlets through Tasmac.


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