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Biggest Galaxy ever discovered,Scientists search for riddles of origin

The space seems to be a riddle with solutions leading to an another perplexing Riddle.Researchers at the ALMA(Atacama Large Millimeter Array) had observed a feeble signal picked up by 66 sensitive radio telescopes located at Chile’s high altitude Atacama desert.This led to the discovery of an enormous Galaxy, bigger than our imaginations could comprehend. The monster Galaxy gives riddles -as it gives cues of origin long before the ‘big bang’.

The analysis led to the startling discovery of the mythical ‘Monstrous Yeti’ Galaxy shrouded in dense clouds of cosmic dust.Galaxy is so monstrous that its cosmic activity produces 100 times more stars than our own ‘Milky way’ galaxy.However the pictures are not available for the Galaxy , but its presence is confirmed with footprint signatures of radio waves- just like the ‘Yeti’ ,the ape like creature whose footprints are seen but not the animal itself.

At first the light signal received where thought to be from a small Galaxy situated within the dust cloud. But split hair analysis proved that the electromagnetic signature is not sourced from any known Galaxies recorded till now.

Since radio waves have the longest wavelengths along the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, they are the only waves that can travel over very long distances. And because ALMA only picked up radio signals from this galaxy, researchers concluded that the object is quite a distance away.

Monster Galaxy,artists imagination


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