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67 year old becomes oldest woman in China to give birth

A 67-year-old woman has given birth in China, with the parents claiming they are the country’s oldest couple to have a natural birth.

The woman delivered a healthy girl by Caesarean section on Friday, Zaozhuang city’s Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital told AFP.”The child was bestowed on the two of us by heaven,”said the woman’s 68-year-old husband. The old couple wished to have a third child after the Chinese government lifted its one-child policy on 2016 aimed to control its burgeoning population. Their elder son was born in 1977.

In September it was reported that a 73-year-old woman in India gave birth to twins after she and her 82-year-old husband underwent IVF treatment and they used donor eggs, but the Chinese can claim more least in this all-natural birth.


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