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Muslims raise funds for temple demolished and is inaugurated by a Muslim cleric

In highlighting the secular soul of the country a Muslim cleric has inaugurated a Hindu temple. This incident of communal amity took place in West Bengal’s Birbhum district.

A Muslim cleric named Nasiruddin Mandal who is a cleric in a local mosque in the in Basapara of Nanoor area inaugurated a temple dedicated to goddess Kali. And the most astonishing fact is that this temple was rebuild by the Muslim community.

“I have inaugurated mosques and madrasas. But this is the first time I have inaugurated a Hindu temple. It’s a different feeling altogether,” Mandal said.

The Kali temple was demolished two years ago for widening a village road. The Muslim community also purchased the land for relocating the temple.

After the temple was demolished, locals took up the plan to rebuild the temple at a new location. Muslims joined the drive to raise funds and ended up collecting Rs 7 lakh of the total Rs 10 lakh.

Muslims also helped in organizing Durga Puja in the last two years. They organised funds and gave logistics support to organise the puja in the absence of the temple.


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