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Couple kicked off cruise for having ‘loud sex’

A couple from Germany accused that they were kicked off a Caribbean Cruise Ship for having sex loudly. The couple has filed a lawsuit against TUI Caribbean cruise.

Renate.F and her husband Volker were kicked off from the ship on the first day of their two-week trip. The couple accused that the crew has stranded them in a island without their luggage. They booked the trip from Barbados on April 1.

They were engaged in loud consensual sex in their room with the balcony door open. But the couple claims that they forgot to close the door. A manager and a cruise ship security guard later came to their room to tell them the captain had ordered them to leave.

The couple claim they were left stranded and had to fork out thousands to pay for a flight back to Paris and a train home to Germany.

“Due to a security-related incident, we have made use of our house right and asked the guests to leave the ship. This was done to protect the guests themselves and other fellow travelers. There has already been correspondence with Mrs F. in which we have set our view of things. Please understand that we do not want to comment on the privacy of our guests in detail”, the cruise company said as reply.


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