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Senior Advocate Ramkumar Explains the Conspiracy behind Maoist Arrests in Kerala

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is facing severe protests over the arrest of two CPI(M) workers over their connection with Maoist terrorism in Kerala. C.M, bowing to pressure, eventually said that the UAPA charges against the two workers will be examined. Police meanwhile conducted a raid on the house of the workers and recovered a few materials, which according to them, is suggestive of the two worker’s Maoist connection. News channels took the topic for discussion and Mathrubhumi news channel’s prime time debate featured senior advocate Ram Kumar in it. During the course of the discussion, he opined that if Cheguevare can be admired in Kerala, there is no reason why someone cannot believe in Maoist ideology.

Statement of Advocate Ramkumar in Malayalam

“Our DYFI workers admire Bolivia’s revolutionary leader Cheguevare. Didn’t he(Cheguevare) commit atrocities? Another set went on to profess their admiration for Gaddafi till he was dead. Did these two (arrested CPI(M) workers) did a crime that these people(followers of Cheguevare and Gaddafi) have not done?

Those who admire Cheguevare are part of the political party which controls the police who arrested these workers. If Cheguevare in Bolivia can be admired here, what is wrong in believing in Mao ideology? Am not a Maoist sympathiser. I have objection towards the attacks they carry on with. But now I feel admiration towards them for their self-sacrifice”, he said.

Mr Ramkumar also said that the current arrests might be a trick to get more central funds for Thunderbolt, elite commando force of the Kerala police.

“Thunderbolt gets hefty fund from centre. There is a big conspiracy involved here in connection with the central fund for thunderbolt. Our police force needs to convince the centre that the funds are properly utilised for Maoist hunting in order to acquire more funds. This is why people are portrayed as Maoists,” he added.


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