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WhatsApp adds new privacy settings for groups

WhatsApp has introduced a new setting and invite system, which will allow users to have more control over the group messages they receive. The company states that this feature has been introduced after a number of its users gave feedback saying they want more control over who can add them to groups.

According to the company, this will help them prevent people from getting unwanted messages that are spread through groups. This includes viral information, which might not be vetted.

To enable the feature users can head to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, where they will be asked to choose between three options: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except.”

‘Everyone’ setting will allow any user to add them to any group they want, The ‘My Contacts’ setting will only allow the people in their address book to add them to groups, whereas, the ‘My Contacts Except’ setting will give them more control to choose amongst contacts they want can add them to groups.


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