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Deities wear masks to fight ‘air pollution’

We all had heard from our childhood that ‘god saves us’ and devotees pray to god for save them. But now gods has to wear masks to save them from air pollution.

A priest in a temple in Varanasi (Kashi) has put masks on the temple deities to protect them from smoke. Harish Mishra, the priest in the Shiva-Parvathy temple in Siagra in Varanasi has done this.

” Varanasi is a place of belief. We treat our idols as living deities and take pains to make them happy and comfortable. In summer, the idols are slathered with sandalwood paste to keep them cool and in winte, we cover them in woollens. Likewise, to save them from pollution, we have put masks on their faces”, said harish mishra to a news agency.


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