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‘Courageous’ cat saves 1-year-old baby from falling : Watch Video

A video of a ‘Courageous’ cat is rocking the social media. The cat has been termed as a ‘hero’ by the netizens.

A Colombian cat is being hailed a hero after it saved a toddler from tumbling down a stairwell on October 31.

In the video, the baby crawls on a floor, while the cat sits on a nearby couch. Within a few seconds, the baby makes his way towards an open door. At the exact moment, the cat pounces on the baby and latches onto the little one – stopping it from trembling down the stairs.

The 45-second-long clip of the incident was shared by DLore Álvarez on Facebook page the Fundación Gatos Bogotanos en Adopción – an organization that advocates for rescue and adoption of cats.The incident took place in Colombia.

See the Video:


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