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IMD forecasts heavy rain: Alert issued in4 districts

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted isolated heavy to extremely heavy in the state. The weather forecasting agency informed that the rain is an after effect of Cyclone Bulbul.

The IMD has issued a yellow alert in four districts. The IMD has issued yellow alert in Thiruvanthapuram, Kollam, Pathanathitta and Idukki. It is predicted that these districts will get 7cm rain.[0]=68.ARAufc1-JQlutcEMpfIRnGXxk8OoXPG-UqidcMEI4mATcP_Ssrv0GGS9Kxd210auW8Swd9_CGr3-EcKPiU1dvStc9vqroOYcfmghfvE1Z4T5MKoJIVZm9m1_UMN_mF3WmoSFOBKd1Ghlpgt_tXEKx0_xBdXW53bteouBPgPmiTCtTEVbMRzLvl8COKNwT9jgnYSOcHRNHdj_T3Bgc9s_kWm7CBW7QPX_VmG0sdZ8S90t6cjaMwq1iTNiBDN-hN7p7l9kSKXIeHODAPrPDBrmclLSwhKw26nyAajirUkDEewx803vwv6RHr8VCHHpPZUy1hUTqEEh49LuhI-14CP6TQftOg&__tn__=-R

But no warning has issued for the fishermen. The IMD has also informed that the intensity of the Cyclone Bulbul may decline. At present the Cyclone Bulbul is situated over West- Central and adjoining East -Central Bay of Bengal 310 Km South-South-East of Paradip; 450 Km South-South-West of Sagar Island and 550 Km South-South-West of Khepupara in Bangladesh.


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