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Kanye West cracks a Joke,considers changing his name for becoming a ‘Billionaire’

Kanye West joked at an event this week that he’s considering changing his name to “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West.”The Chicago rapper, who appeared to be speaking in jest, made the wacky announcement while complaining that Forbes Magazine didn’t list him as a billionaire — despite his shoe company’s sales exceeding that amount.”I showed Forbes a bill amount of $890 million, but still, they didn’t say me a billionaire”, he said jokingly.

During the event, Kanye also supported his wife and fitness diva Kim Kardashian for her efforts to support Rodney Reed, who is sentenced to death for alleged murder.“All the evidence says this guy didn’t do it, and he’s supposed to be executed in 30 days, and all the celebrity blacks will tweet about it. But the question is, will they stop playing basketball for a week to make sure this innocent man gets out?” West said at the event.

Kanye and his shoe designer also launched a new model of biodegradable sneakers,’Yeezys’.Yeezys are comfortable and they do not have laces, the designer Steven Smith said.


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