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Ranu Mondal demanding land for church in Ayodhya ? ; Here’s the truth behind the viral post

A satirical website called ‘The Fauxy’ posted a news saying that the singer and viral sensation Ranu Mondal has demanded a Church after the Ayodhya verdict. The news which was fake went viral on the internet as people misunderstood the satire as a true story.

Ranu Mandal Demands Land for Church Too in the Disputed Ayodhya Land

The news which started spreading from Facebook, made its way to Twitter where people started bashing her owing to her unreasonable demands. Many posted the same tweet which said that industry should have left her at the station itself and that she is now sitting on everyone’s head.

The fake news that circulated said that Ranu Mondal has allegedly asked for a church to be built on the disputed land in Ayodhya. Several people on Facebook copy pasted the same message with the exact same text, making it go viral.

So while the news is definitely fake, people started treating a satire website’s story with just the headline as authentic news.



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