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9 Strict rules that employees of ‘Rolls Royce’ must follow

Rolls-Royce is world’s most luxurious car producer. The very word ‘Rolls-Royce’ is synonym to luxury. Today, Rolls-Royce Motors is famous for a number of car models. These include the Phantom, Wraith Ghost, Dawn, and its SUV, Cullinan.

The employees working in this company must follow some rules and instructions. There are such 9 rules that every employee of the company must follow strictly. And they are the follows.

1. Never directly supervise a family member or friend

2. Represent the company well, even outside the office

3. Be prepared to deal with multiple custom options

4. Be ready to patent a colour for a customer

5. Be prepared to work with a customer’s pet

6.Serious attention to detail

7. Use a special deodorant when dealing with a unit for delivery

8. Use special lamp when working on paint finish

9. Wearing makeup is prohibited.

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