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NASA detects water on Jupiter’s Moon Europa,Chances not closed for hidden alien life in Europa ocean

Jupiter’s fourth-largest moon, Europa, has emerged as a promising ET planet after NASA scientists discovered Water..infact a hidden ocean in the natural satellite. Europa may have twice as much water present in Earth as per NASA scientists. The hot water springs rising from the discovered spot is forceful enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool within seconds

Planetary scientists have long suspected Europa may harbor a vast liquid water ocean beneath its thick, icy crust. An international team of astronomers announced they directly detected water vapor in Europa’s atmosphere for the first time. As detailed in a paper published in Nature Astronomy, this method of detection is strong evidence that liquid water exists beneath the surface of Europa.

The scientists have not closed the options for alien life in Europa as the water in liquid form is present, a few criteria like hydrothermal sources like underwater volcanoes and the presence of few chemicals could sprout life in certain conditions.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope first spotted such water vapor.on Europa in 2013. But the presence of the plume ascertains the presence of water in liquid form inside the thick icy crust of Europa.



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