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A touching video of 84-year-old daughter receiving candy from 107-year-old mother wins social media: Video

A cute and touching video depicting the mother-daughter relationship is winning internet. The sweet, touching moment between a mother and her daughter has won the heart of netizens. The video was shared by People’s Daily China on Twitter.

It is the age of the mother and daughter that makes the netizens wonder. The mother is aged 107 and daughter 84. The video shows a simple act of the mother giving out a candy to her daughter,

“The happiest child in the world! A 107-year-old mother gave her 84-year-old daughter a piece of candy that the mom took back from a wedding ceremony,” the caption of the video says.

The video has shared on November 19.Till now the video has gathered 1.2 million views. It has also garnered about 3,700 likes and over 970 retweets.

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