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Activist Rehna Fathima again to enter Sabarimala temple: Approaches IG seeking police protection

Activist Rehana Fathima again to enter Sabarimala temple. The activist who failed to enter the hill shrine last year has decided again to visit the temple. Rehna has sought police protection. She has approached the IG for police protection. She give the letter demanding police protection in the IG office.

“I have given application seeking police protection to go to Sabarimala to the IG, . Police has accepted it and gave me the receipt. They said they would get back to me later after consulting their superiors. After knowing their response, I shall decide on the date of my visit. I have decided to wear the ‘beaded chain’ on November 26, being my birthday” said the controversial activist.

” I shall be going with my family this time. I shall be going, abiding the law. I have the right for that. I am not afraid of going to Sabarimala. Last time, some misunderstanding was created among the people and this time I want to prove that I had gone to Sabarimala through the right path ” she added.


Rehna Fathima, a model and activist who was part of “Kiss of Love” movement in Kochi in 2014, was among the two women who had reached the hilltop on October 19, 2018 but had to return before reaching the sanctum sanctorum following massive protests by Ayyappa devotees.

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