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WhatsApp set to introduce more exciting features soon

Here are the top features that are coming soon to Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp

Dark Mode

Dark mode or night mode switch the white colours to black in order to save battery on OLED screens and event put less strain on the user’s eyes. The feature has been implemented on most applications and operating systems. WhatsApp users are eagerly waiting for the feature to arrive. The feature is in the works and has reached its final stage of development, which means we should see the update soon.

Self-destructing messages

There are times when we need to send a message that should not last long. The scenario could be anything from sharing a password to confidential content. WhatsApp is finally working on a feature called self-destructing messages or disappearing messages. The Facebook-owned app will get the feature with the name Delete Message.

QR Code to add contacts

Adding a new contact on WhatsApp has always been a tough job. A user first needs to head over to the Contacts app and add the name and number manually. They later need to wait until the contact finally shows up on WhatsApp. Well, this is about to change with upcoming updates. The company is bringing QR code for contact sharing. You can simply scan a QR code and the contact will be added to your address book. Once done, you can start chatting right away.

Multiple device logins

WhatsApp used to be a very personal instant messaging platform. However, since WhatsApp business was announced people are using the app for more than just sharing cat images and good morning messages. So, we often feel the urge of using the same app on our laptop and our tablets. While WhatsApp web is there, it still requires the phone to be connected to the internet. Thus, the company is finally rolling out multiple device login support where you can use WhatsApp on multiple devices at a single time.


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