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This state with the least population in India is worst affected with AIDS ..Know the reason

Mizoram, the Indian state with the least population is the worst affected with HIV AIDS.

17,897 of the Mizoramis are affected by AIDS. The State of Mizoram AIDS control society revealed that it is the young generation in the age span 25-34 which are badly affected by the dreaded disease. The HIV tests conducted on these age groups returned a 42 percent positive confirmation. The society conducted awareness campaigns statewide in commemoration of December 1 , World AIDS day.

2018-19 period alone reported 2,557 cases of AIDS patients in the state. The Mizoram with a population of just over 10 lakh the figures are terrifying. Out of the total AIDS patients, 6,069 are women. An HIV volunteer from the society said that sharing of syringes and drug-injecting instruments are the main cause of widespread of the disease in Mizoram. Apart from that illicit sexual relationships also contribute their part to the spread of the disease.

Authorities are working hard to spread of awareness against AIDS with the help of social leaders, institutions and the Church- as Mizoram is a Christian majority state.


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