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“Castrate sexual offenders by Chemical or surgical means” DMK MP urges parliament to empower courts with special punitive rights

As the nation still fumes in a rage after the brutal gang rape and murder of ‘Disha’ a Hyderabadi doctor, the parliament took the nation’s sensitivity to debate and create a frame for future tougher laws to curb the never-ending the social menace.

The matter was raised in zero-hour when Opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad agreeing to the Chairman Venkaiah Naidu’s call initiated the debate. Azad said the malaise could not be rooted out by legislation alone and an environment must be generated in the country’s institutions including those imparting education. The measures should go above all lines of party, religious and social strata, he opinioned.

The strongest words came from DMK’s P Wilson. The courts should be empowered to order surgical or chemical castration for offenses like rape and murder before such people are released from prisons into the community, the Tamil Nadu MP said.

Such legislations have been adopted in countries like Korea and states of the USA like California, the MP said. Surgical and chemical castration will reduce sexual performance, damp sexual interest and sexual reoffending, he added. Even the cost of such a procedure should be recovered from the culprits including by attaching his assets, he added. They also demanded the lists of sexual offenders published routinely so the public can be aware of who they are dealing with.

MP Jaya Bachchan argued rapists should be handed over to the public and lynched publicly. Speaker Venkaiah Naidu then took hold of the term ‘lynch’ and asserted if she meant it. In his characteristic style, Naidu said there was a need for political will, administrative skill before the nation goes for the kill of this social evil.

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