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Hindu Mahasabha demands renaming Mughal gardens after first President of India

In line with a succession of renaming spree, by the right-wing union and state governments the prestigious Mughal gardens within the premises of Rashtrapati Bhavan had also been enlisted.

Hindu Mahasabha a pro-right wing organization had forwarded a letter requesting PM Modi and President Ramnath Kovind to change the name of Mughal gardens to Dr.Rajendra Prasad Udyan. The Chief of the organization Sri Chakrapani will soon meet PM Modi to request a name change for the magnificent gardens of the Mughal era built in the Persian style of architecture. The Charbagh structure, an exquisite example of Persian architecture is intended to create a representation of an earthly utopia in which humans co-exist in perfect harmony with all elements of nature.

Speaking to IANS, Chakrapani said: “We all know the mayhem the Mughals created when they ruled. In today’s day and age to have a garden, that too inside the Rashtrapati Bhawan, named after Mughals is unacceptable. That’s why I have proposed to name it after the first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad.”

Hindu Mahasabha demands the renaming of all Mughal era buildings and structures to great Hindu reformers in a bid to erase the remnants of Mughal invasion. The general secretary of Hindu Mahasabha Munna Prasad Sharma said, “Mughal gardens were opened to the public by the first President Rajendra Prasad, So it is apt to rename the gardens by his name”.

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